Matching Colour Cravat for Groom and Bestmen

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What style suits me section

Your wedding dress should reflect your personality and individual style. Since wedding dresses come in a variety of different styles, knowing what type of dress suites your figure will help enhance your beauty. Choose a dress that will enhance your figure


Here are some suggestions on how to find your best look for your big day:


  • If you want to look taller: Try a dress with a high neckline and/or an empire waist. A short sleeved or sleeveless dress with long gloves will also elongate your appearance. You can also choose an off-the-shoulder or strapless necklines dress.
  • If you want to de-emphasize your height: Generally speaking tall girls are lucky because they can really wear any style and look good. However, do remember to take into consideration the rest of your figure when choosing a gown not just your height.
  • If you want to appear more slender: Choose a custom corset, a Princess style or A-line dress.
  • If you want to de-emphasize your bust line: A straight skirt, A-line dress or fitted bodice with a full skirt, and A V-neck, scoop neck or high neckline with a keyhole yoke is usually most flattering.
  • If you want to de-emphasize wide hips: This problem can be disguised with a flared skirt or A-line dress.
  • If you are short-waisted: A-line or drop waist bodices help elongate your torso.
  • If you are bony: the Ball Gown style will make you look like a ballerina and will balance out your silhouette. The Sheath and mermaid style is also well-suited to your body type.
  • If you are Pear-Shaped: Focus attention on your upper half, not your bottom, with an A-Line or slim Ball Gown style, either strapless or with off-the-shoulder sleeves.
  • If you are Thick-Waisted: High-waist style of an empire gown that will produce a longer-body, slimming look.Corset is also a good choice.
  • If you are Broad: Select a dress with a narrow bodice in halter or strapless styles. An A-line dress, sheath or mermaid style can create a really dramatic look depending on your style of hips.  
  • If you are Full-figured: Consider the Ball Gown style with a Basque waist or the Mermaid style for drama.
  • If you are Boxy: The Empire-style is one of the best for you with its high waist, fitted bodice and straight line.
  • If you are Short-Waisted: Princess line styles, fitted at the bodice and flaring from the waist to the hem, will tend to elongate your figure. You should also consider a portrait or halter neckline if you are concerned about your shoulders.  
  • If you are Busty: a) If you want to emphasize your bust, choose ball gown styles with a fitted waist to create emphasis; b) If you want to de-emphasize your bust, wear a minimizer or corset under your dress and choose a fitted-bodice style to direct attention to your waist.